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Google Cloud Is Running a Validator on Celo Network

google celo network

In addition to Deutsche Telekom and other contributors, Google Cloud Joins Celo Network as a Validator.

Celo Has Added Google Cloud to Its List of Network Validators

The Celo Foundation achieved a significant milestone in its partnership with Google Cloud by officially having the cloud service provider join as a validator on the Celo network. With this move, Google Cloud becomes part of a group that actively verifies new transactions and ensures the security of the blockchain, which also includes Deutsche Telekom and other ecosystem contributors.

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Strenghtening the Web3 Ecosystem

The collaboration between Google Cloud and Celo has a history of fruitful endeavors.Prior to this significant milestone, they had collaborated closely, coming together to offer workshops and cloud computing services to developers and Web3 founders building on the Celo network. This collaboration demonstrated their strong commitment to strengthening the Web3 ecosystem.

Migrating to Ethereum Layer-2 Solution

Recently, the Celo network embraced a proposal to transition from its independent blockchain to an Ethereum layer-2 solution. The primary goal of this move is to simplify liquidity sharing between the two networks and strengthen security. To expedite and facilitate this migration, the team behind Celo, cLabs, will harness the power of Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine, a fully managed node-hosting service.

The implementation of the Blockchain Node Engine will streamline node operations for Celo participants by efficiently relaying transactions, eliminating the need for nodes to sync and significantly improving efficiency. This seamless integration will enhance Celo 2.0‘s compatibility with the Ethereum network, reinforcing its strong position within the broader ecosystem.

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Carlos Arena, the Director of Digital Assets at Google Cloud, enthusiastically expressed his support for the collaboration, stating, “At Google Cloud, we remain dedicated to empowering the growth of the Web3 ecosystem by equipping founders and developers with the essential tools to scale their applications. By running a validator on the Celo network, we take another step forward in our partnership with the Celo Foundation, and we are genuinely excited to contribute to the network’s ongoing success.

By running a validator on the Celo network, Google Cloud takes another significant step forward in its partnership with the Celo Foundation. This move demonstrates our enthusiasm and commitment to contribute actively to the network’s ongoing success. We are excited to play a vital role in supporting Celo’s growth and development as it continues to make significant strides in the blockchain space.

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