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$2.34 T

Bitcoin Whales Buying at $60K: Strong Support Level Emerges!

Tempory 17

According to blockchain data, a significant portion of whales holding at least 1,000 Bitcoin in their wallets and who have been holding Bitcoin for less than 6 months have been buying at the $60,000 level.

An analysis shared on CryptoQuant suggests that the $60,000 level has become a strong support point for Bitcoin, stating “This indicator shows the confidence these investors have in the market and how strong a foundation this price level is for BTC.”

It was also observed that the buying price of long-term whales is progressing more stably and that they have great long-term confidence in Bitcoin.

The analyst commented, “The significant buying by new whales and the support for this with institutional investments and the approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs strengthens the support level at $60,000. Meanwhile, the stability shown by long-term whales provides a layer of fundamental confidence.”

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