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% 0.32
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$2.48 T
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72 / 100
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% 54.1
Market Cap:
$2.48 T

Bitcoin’s Halving Block Got More Prize

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Marking Bitcoin‘s fourth halving, 840,000 re-blocks were confirmed, adding an additional reward in the form of 2.4 million fees.

The halving, believed to originate from the ViaBTC storage pool, decreases, charging 37.6256 BTC equivalent to 2,401,399 mutuals paid from 3,050 transactions included in the blog. Even though it is confirmed, there is a small possibility that the broken chain will undergo rearrangement; In this process, a deadlock of two miners is triggered simultaneously, potentially leading to a blockchain fork. More details regarding the interruption are expected as more transactions take place.

Before the halving, miners entered into an increasing competition to guarantee the fourth halving increase in history and aimed to realize unique initiatives. This year’s halving introduces new tools like “Ordinals” and “Runes,” which have options for miners to store metadata or details with Bitcoin blocks that determine their representation.

Anticipation surrounded the creative efforts miners would make with the halving. While Bitwise Invest founder Teddy Fusaro speculated about possible surprises, Bitwise Invest researcher Juan Leon drew that the data presented raises the possibility of Bitcoin’s different monetary policy.

The fourth halving marks an important moment in Bitcoin history, demonstrating both technical innovation and creative expression within mining systems.

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