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Bitfarms Receives Premium Offer from Riot Platforms

Riot Platforms

For US$2.30 per Bitfarms common share, Bitcoin mining company Riot Platforms has suggested purchasing its competitor Bitfarms. This may supposedly make Riot Platforms  the biggest publicly traded Bitcoin miner worldwide. The agreement gives Bitfarms’ owners a significant premium, even with the erratic bitcoin price.

The press statement claims that Riot’s proposition provides Bitfarms’ one-month volume-weighted average share price with a 24% premium. With around US$950 million in total stock value, the purchase seeks to improve Bitfarm’s financial situation and guarantees investors better returns from prospects for future expansion. Riot said it is now the biggest shareholder in Bitfarms, having bought a 9.25% share of the business.

Along with 19.6 EH/s of current self-mining capability and a Bitcoin mining capacity of roughly 1 GW of current power capacity, the merger seeks to reportedly surpass any other publicly traded Bitcoin mining company. The united company is expected to attain up to 1.5 GW of power capacity and 52 EH/s of self-mining capability by year-end.

Originally submitted to Bitfarms on April 22, the board turned down the idea. Riot has partially attributed the comments to the management changes at Bitfarms following the departure of its CEO. The Nasdaq-listed company has chosen to forward the purchase proposition to Bitfarm’s shareholders.

Future Prospects and Strategic Expansion of Riot Platforms’

The mix will produce a business running 15 sites all throughout the United States, Canada, Paraguay, and Argentina. When completely completed, this network with up to 2.2 GW of total power capacity might position Riot Platforms for long-term growth and continuous expansion in suitable energy settings.

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The two businesses claim that the proposed transaction—which Riot’s Board of Directors approved unanimously—offers Bitfarms owners a mix of cash and Riot common stock. Riot has access to public equity markets and more than US$700 million in cash on hand.

After a fall in Bitcoin, miners of the metal suffered a major blow last year. Along with declining income reaching monthly lows, mining businesses suffered a total loss of $2.8 billion. With this abrupt collapse, exchange-listed BTC miners and other digital assets suffered greatly in market capitalization; in August last year’s figure dropped to about $3 billion.

This decline particularly affected Riot Platforms and Marathon Digital Holdings, which suffered major capital losses. The chart of the Riot Platforms showed a clear drop, losing almost half of its value from July highs. The corporation gave up a considerable amount of its earnings, even with a 200% increase since last year.

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