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Bitfinex Data Breach Debunked: CTO Confirms False Alarm


Bitfinex’s Chief Technology Officer, Paolo Ardoino, has definitively dismissed claims of a recent data breach, calling them “fake.”

“We spent the weekend thoroughly reviewing all internal data,” Ardoino stated. “As I previously mentioned, Bitfinex’s user database was not breached.”

The false rumors originated on social media over the weekend, stemming from a tweet by Alice of Shinoji Research alleging a large-scale Bitfinex data breach by the hacking group FSociety. The tweet, later deleted, was amplified by a major breaking news account, causing widespread concern.

Alice of Shinoji Research has since acknowledged the mistake. “The original BFX [Bitfinex] hack post was inaccurate,” they admitted. “It appears a group called ‘Flocker’ compiled a list of Bitfinex login details from previous breaches, then presented it as a major hack attempt.”

Ardoino reiterated that Bitfinex’s user database remains secure. The alleged hackers, he explained, likely compiled a list of emails and passwords stolen from other compromised platforms. “Unfortunately, many users reuse the same credentials across multiple services, including crypto exchanges,” Ardoino noted.

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