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Bitfinex’s Paolo Ardoino Made A Statement About Latest News


Paolo Ardoino, Bitfinex‘s Chief Technology Officer, confirmed that those accused of the repository were indeed “fake” after initially suspected.

“As I said on Saturday, Bitfinex‘s user database was not hacked. It was working over the weekend examining all internal data to leave everything untranslated. The claim was found to be fraudulent, as suspected from the beginning,” Ardoino said.

False claims regarding Bitfinex data began circulating on social media on sincere Saturday, sparked by a tweet from Alice of Shinoji Research. This tweet echoed previous claims made by hacking group FSociety on April 26, suggesting that Bitfinex was experiencing a major shift in data focus.

However, Alice has since corrected the record, admitting they “jumped the gun”. The “Flocker” group disclosed that they kept a list of Bitfinex login information from other breaches and created a fake ransom demand site that appeared to have been a major breach.

Ardoino emphasized that Bitfinex’s user database was not copied and that the alleged hackers only published a list of emails and passwords stolen from other breaches. He noted that unfortunately many people do not reuse the same email/password shares across multiple services, including crypto exchanges.

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