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What is the International Olympic Committee’s AI Strategy?

Ai Sport

On Friday, the Olympic Committee disclosed their strategy to utilize artificial intelligence in sports. Joining the worldwide enthusiasm and taking advantage of the ever-changing innovation looks to be the aim here. The International Olympic Committee presented its AI strategy, which aims to utilize the newly emerged technology for the recognition of high-performing athletes, enhance sport decision-making to assure equity, and devise individual training methods.

How to Utilize AI Responsibly in Sports Broadcasting

The officials of the International Olympic Committee were in attendance at the cycling venue, Lee Valley Velodrome. For the president of the International Olympic Committee, making the Olympics fresh and relevant is about changing with new technologies. In London, the press conference was held at the Velodrome within Olympic Park, where IOC President Thomas Bach stated, “Today we are making another step to ensure the uniqueness of the Olympic Games and the relevance of sport. To do this, we have to be leaders of change.”

He also added, “We are determined to exploit the vast potential of AI in a responsible way.”

Broadcasting rights of the Olympic Games generate billions of dollars for the International Olympic Committee. Apart from preventing players from being bullied online, the International Olympic Committee seeks to employ technology to help enhance the experience of home viewers by providing assistance to broadcasters.

Bach also announced the creation of a working group to speed up the adoption of artificial intelligence in sports and promised to launch more AI initiatives at the Paris Olympics. A few of the local Paris Games organizers’ proposals came under criticism. As per their statement, they intended to execute high-tech surveillance cameras. They claim that they will apply this method for the detection of security threats like large groups of people or abandoned objects.

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The French government has said that they will not use facial recognition. But the critics claim that such temporary authorization of this surveillance technology will be an infringement on privacy. Bach believes that host states, not the IOC, should handle game security issues. He added to his talk that he believes in the comprehensive steps of the French administration.

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