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Catizen Tops TON Ecosystem with $10M Revenue


Based on on-chain data, Catizen is the fastest-growing application in the TON ecosystem and the biggest crypto gaming community on the Telegram platform, having generated in-game income above $10 million.

With earnings of more than $10 million and a consistent on-chain user conversion rate of 10%, Catizen has exceeded 10 million gaming users. Especially over half of current members are paying consumers, suggesting Catizen has effectively reached the sizable consumer base blockchain projects have long been looking at. Catizen seeks to create actual consumer-grade distributed apps, therefore transforming Web3 technologies into really consumer-oriented ones.

With its unique story and remarkable data growth as the as the central focus of this bull market, the TON blockchain ecosystem is fast expanding. Following Notcoin, many tap-to-earn robot systems have emerged on the TON blockchain ecosystem and draw a lot of Web2 user traffic. Many of these initiatives still lack real on-chain user conversion, though. Data manipulation is easily accessible for Telegram users using reasonably priced tools.

The TON Foundation planned the Open League competition during this ecosystem surge in order to solve this. The competition seeks to assess among the ecosystem’s most interesting, well-known, on-chain conversion-capable applications.

The Open League consists of applications and token rankings. Particularly interesting are the application rankings, which evaluate applications depending on user base, active users, efficient on-chain user recognition, and on-chain interaction frequency. This multi-dimensional assessment guarantees fair competition and keeps projects from using low-cost or Telegram-based unfair data manipulation.

The TON official Open League season rankings place the cat-raising game Catizen #1 in the application rankings, followed by Yescoin in second place and the inscription project Tonano in third place.

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Over the past two months, Catizen has seen fast expansion, with about 10 million gamers, almost 2 million daily active users, over 700,000 on-chain users, and almost 400,000 paying users. Previously, Catizen became a major focus of the TON ecosystem as an official project of TON and Telegram exhibited at the Hong Kong Web3.0 Blockchain Week, TON Day, and TOKEN 2049 Dubai.

Catizen came in first in the Open League Application Rankings from last quarter. Within two months of its debut, Catizen’s in-game purchase income topped $10 million, surpassing other projects in the ecosystem based on on-chain data.

In order to help Notcoin reach token deflation, Catizen has also signed a strategic alliance with Notcoin, facilitating $NOT payments on its platform and burning 10% of its income—roughly $5 million in $NOT. For a number of reasons, Catizen is regarded as the most exciting project developing out of Notcoin:

  • Telegram’s near-convergence with the TON ecology
  • quick expansion in user numbers and activity over a limited span
  • high user conversion rates and income growth
  • Strategic cooperation with Notcoin and its token deflation system

Having already secured deals for eighteen mini-games with over fifty million downloads, including the hugely popular game Hero Wars with over 100 million downloads, Catizen intends to develop into a mini-game platform in the future. With new high-quality games and experiences, catizen wants to keep growing its ecosystem, thereby confirming its leadership in the crypto gaming scene and promoting general acceptance of Web3 technologies.


Catizen’s Website: Catizen.Ai
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