% 2.11
BTC Dominance:
% 0.21
Market Cap:
$2.53 T
% 1.90
Fear & Greed:
76 / 100
$ 67.937
BTC Dominance:
% 52.9
Market Cap:
$2.53 T

TonUP X AMA Summary with Coin Engineer


We conducted our AMA event as Coin Engineer with TonUP on December 16th. Also, the project official answered our questions. Additionally, it gave us information about the project.

Moreover, you can access all the contents and details of the AMA here.

Firstly, we asked TonUP, whom we wanted to introduce himself to, to share the following:

Hello, Coin Engineer Community! It’s nice to meet you online and I’m Sing, from website here. Also, I am working at TonUP and have joined the team in its first week of establishment, largely responsible for managing collaborations, partnerships, and events like AMAs, and some offline workshops. Also, I’m very happy to be here with you this evening and I hope everyone can enjoy this, Ama!

Question 1: Can you give us a general overview of TonUP? and the TON Ecosystem?

Answer 1: Sure, let’s start with some information about TON, so the stories will be much clearer for the community.

What is TON (Open Network)?

Dominance is significant with over 60% in countries like Russia, Malaysia, and 59% in Brazil. Also, considering that Telegram has approximately 800 million active users, it highlights the broad potential of the Ton blockchain ecosystem. That’s why we are so sure of our potential and values.

What is TonUP?

TonUp is the leading launchpad for TON, focusing on discovering and nurturing promising projects while offering new opportunities to the entire community. Additionally, located at the heart of the TON ecosystem, TonUP has a significant impact in the Greater China region. Also, collaborating with TON, TonUP continues to expand its reach in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, and now in Turkey.

Question 2: Could you summarize TonUP’s achievements or development this year?

Answer 2: Completed the token issuance of our first IDO project. This IDO helped the MMORPG project Tap Fantasy to collect 80,000 $TON in just 32 minutes. Launched the TONversation column. This column attracted broad media attention, including news covered by Foresight News, Beosin, Cointime, BlockTempo and Blockbeats, etc. TonUP participated in the Panel discussion as one of the sponsors of TON’s first ecosystem conference Gateway. That same evening, many TON Foundation core members and ecosystem projects participated in the Dubai Side Event hosted by TonUP, where they set up deeper networks and roundtable discussions.

Question 3: We noticed that you are planning to launch the Token in the coming weeks, would you mind sharing some brief content with our community?

Answer 3: 😄 Absolutely, we will conduct our $UP Token IDO on our own website and we have also been selected to launch on Bitget Launchpad!
The $UP IDO set to be held on December 20, will only be on & and will be determined on the 17th in the IEO.
You can review the IDO here.

Question 4: Could you showcase some of your products’ killer features, TONUP peers?

Answer 4: TonUP is not just a launchpad that brings high-quality projects to the TON ecosystem. We are all here, spending our efforts to polish the entire TON landscape and build projects together with the entire community. This is where we differ from many in the same arena. We are officially supported by the TON Foundation and are committed to the comprehensive development of the TON ecosystem together with the TON-Blockchain Team.

Question 5: The last project in the Bitget Launchpad IEO seems to be well liked in the market. Can you give us some information about your upcoming Bitget IEO launch?

Answer 5: Having the opportunity to conduct an IEO on Bitget simultaneously with our IDO is invaluable chance for TonUP. We hope our community will join us in celebrating this important moment for TonUP.
Many community members are closely interested in the details of the IEO (TonUP x Bitget Launchpad). You can review the Bitget IDO by clicking here.


Question 1: How does TonUP actively interact with its users and ensure that diverse voices are heard? Can you give specific examples of how they promote this inclusive environment?

Answer 1: Our commitment to inclusivity and community participation is not just in our words; it reflects in our actions and the way we shape our platform and ecosystem. By promoting this inclusive environment, we believe we can collectively encourage innovation and growth in the TON ecosystem.

Question 2: You highlight the support of the TON Foundation and TONCoin Fund and the importance in providing a sustainable ecosystem. How specifically does TonUP contribute to the growth and sustainability of the TON Blockchain, beyond just launching projects?

Answer 2:

  1. We identify high-quality potential projects and help them to build better in the TON ecosystem based on our development and operation experience.
  2. Our TonUP community and TONversation columns regularly publish quality articles ranging from the history of the TON ecosystem, discussion of TON’s fundamental technology development to research on the development of projects in different fields of the TON ecosystem. Through these articles, we help more users understand TON and various sectors of the TON ecosystem.
  3. We actively participate in many TON official activities and strive to collaborate more deeply with more projects in the TON ecosystem, we believe in the power of 1+1>2 and also believe that the potential of TON is limitless.

Question 3: Are there any requirements for presale, staging, holding locked balances, etc?

Answer 3: Anyone can participate in our IDO, there is no requirement for a locked balance. 50% of the public round opens at TGE and the remaining opens the 2nd month after TGE

Question 4: TonUP emphasizes its “DEX+Launchpad” model and permissionless play-to-earn pools. How does this approach compare with existing launchpad models? What are the potential risks and opportunities associated with this approach?

Answer 4: To launch such a product for us, we need to consume a lot of manpower, energy, and financial resources, which is the disadvantage of strong audit mechanisms.
License-free TonUP X is built on a triple collaboration and game model among users, projects, and TonUP. Users or community find and catch valuable projects and vote on whether to start them on TonUP X. This greatly accelerates the speed and ability to catch projects while increasing user participation and loyalty. However, as a result, we leave the review of projects to users and community and only guarantee the security of funds for the first month, but if a project has so many loyal users, there is no need for them to rug-pull users’ assets at an early stage.

Question 5: TonUP’s first token launch, $MC, is tied to a gaming project. How does this align with TonUP’s vision of promoting “potentially valuable cryptocurrencies”? Does this give any concern about prioritizing entertainment over long-term value?

Answer 5: Great, thanks for asking! The launch of the Telegram bot and the TONSpace wallet makes it easier to bring the TON ecosystem to game programs and provides a smoother user interaction experience. Gaming also lowers the bar for web2 users to enter web3, so we chose this project.


Question 1: You had written on the TonUP blog page that you will be deeply integrated with Telegram. Can you give us some information about how this will be?

Answer 1: For example, we will use ton space as one of our wallets to execute IDO. Furthermore, connect directly with TG and now the TG bot in our channel has updates for new IDO campaigns and ongoing airdrop events, so take a look.

Question 2: What is the experience of the TonUP team in the crypto and blockchain field? What opportunities will your team’s experience provide for the success of TonUP? What services will you provide to the industry?

Answer 2: Our team is composed of professionals with excellent expertise and commendable past performance in their respective fields and right now, we are globally united and mainly located in Europe and the Southeast Asia region.

Question 3: I see that TonUP_io has partnerships with large companies like Toncoin Fund, Foresight, and Bitget. Are you planning to announce new partnerships soon? Can you share this project briefly?

Answer 3: We might come with some big news for the ecosystem soon, possibly next week, so keep watching us.

Question 4: What is the TONEco community writing workshop? Who are the hosts? Who are the supporters of the competition? What is the prize pool? Where can I find the details?

Answer 4: For this event, check this site.

Prize Pool: 500 $TON, end date is December 31, 2023.

Question 5: Do you have plans to launch a memecoin that will create excitement in the Ton network along with TonUP? How will you attract new investors to the Ton ecosystem?

Answer 5: TonUP will transition to TonUP DAO in our roadmap for the next year, so if our UP Token holders decide so, then we will proceed to do that. If our community exists, it’s worth performing because we are on the same side to gain more benefits.

Thank you all for hosting me today, Also, I’m very happy to share the current situation and future plans in TonUP with you. Be sure to try out our On-Ramp and Off-Ramp services. Also, follow us on our X account for the latest news and campaigns here.

Also, in the comment section, you can freely share your comments and opinions about the topic. Additionally, don’t forget to follow us on TelegramYouTube, and Twitter for the latest news and updates.

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