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Coin Engineer AMA Summary with Meson Network

Coin Engineer AMA

On December 6, 2023, as Coin Engineer, we held an AMA event with the project representative of Meson Network. Also, the project representative answered our questions and provided information about the project.

You can also access all Coin Engineer AMA contents and details of what has been done here.

Meson Network representative introduced himself as follows:

Hi everyone! I am Nijat, working as a digital community strategist at Meson Network. I am a web 3.0 enthusiast and a former web developer.

Q1: Can you briefly tell us about your project?

I will answer your question in bullet points:

  • Bandwidth Marketplace: Use tokens to aggregate global idle bandwidth (from cloud service providers and telcos) and residential bandwidth (from mobile phones, routers, and IoT devices). Meson’s bandwidth cost is significantly lower than that of traditional industry giants.
  • Provide decentralized storage systems, streaming platforms (for images and videos), and proxy services. The services target both B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) markets. Applications developed by Meson are built on top of a continuously expanding bandwidth foundation.
  • Strong community: We have about 350k+ active users worldwide, with users distributed in about 150 countries and 1-2 million unique user visits per month in the impact area of two products ( and according to Google Analytics.

Q2: What is the use case of your testnet tokens?

You can join our testnet by setting up a GaGaNode or GatewayX node. Thus, you can earn testnet tokens every day. Testnet tokens will be matched with a certain portion of Meson Mainnet tokens when mainnet goes live.

Q3: How to earn testnet tokens?

There are multiple ways to earn testnet tokens. So I will also answer your question in bullet points:

  • Mining through nodes on your Android phone, PC, server, etc.
  • Invite your friends and earn a solid 10% referral reward.
  • The easiest way to register on, connect your wallet, and complete the Twitter task to get 15,000 testnet tokens.

Q4: What is IPcola?

IPcola is an IPv4 and bandwidth marketplace created by Meson Network. We provide residential, datacenter IPv4s, direct IP connections, and much more.

Q5: Can you explain to us what makes your project different from other competitors?

The Web 3 infrastructure provides Lego-like pillars that are sufficiently malleable in networking, computation, storage, security, analytics, governance, and transactions to allow applications to be created in multiple use cases, often beyond the capabilities of the Web 2.0 world. The superiority of Web 3.0 prototypes includes decentralization, self-sovereign identity, and open, interoperable back-ends, which perform better than Web 2 applications. Web 3.0-specific products such as Arweave provide permanent storage by persisting in the decentralized storage space, which is not available in the current Web 2.0 world. Although the price of the service offering is significantly higher, it is especially important for certain use cases that are not met by non-permanent storage, such as legal contracts, artifacts, censorship-free publishing, etc. As the world moves towards traceable on-chain visibility, the benefit of this service offering will increase.

Twitter Questions (Coin Engineer AMA)

Q1: Can you elaborate on the challenges related to the centralized infrastructure in the Web3 ecosystem that Meson Network aims to address with the decentralized RPC network?

There are some problems with centralized infrastructures. First of all, we need a truly decentralized infrastructure to build WEB 3.0. We are addressing this issue. In addition, there is a lot of idle bandwidth, devices and resources. We believe that our miners will be able to generate revenue by using their idle devices and bandwidth. This is a win-win situation for WEB 3.0 developers and users.

Q2: I saw that your project was supported by Spacex and I was interested in this. My question is, there are many stock exchange platforms around, why should we choose you? What are your differences, or how can you make a difference?

We are building the best decentralized bandwidth and IP Sunday. We list our users and miners and try to develop the best solutions for their needs. We are also creating a truly decentralized and open platform for everyone.

Q3: What kind of contributions will Meson Network’s partnership with Amazon Web Services provide? What positive impact does this partnership have on Meson Network’s future projects?

It is important for us to partner with major ISPs and cloud providers. Such partnerships can bring really large pools of resources and IP to our network. Our network is open to everyone. Major ISPs, cloud providers, home users can join and contribute to our network.

Q4: How does the Meson Network manage to eliminate the risk of single points of failure and what steps are being taken to improve user privacy through its completely decentralized nodes?

That’s a really good question. The only point of error is an important issue. Besides, our nodes are worldwide and are provided by many different miners. This gives us great redundancy and uptime.

Q5: Can you explain what makes your Meson Network project superior to other projects? And what is the deadly strategy that you use in your project to win the competition with other projects?

I can say our product portfolio and professional team. We offer different products and solutions for almost every bandwidth-related need.

Meson Network is not a CDN or IPv4 provider. We are a fully functional bandwidth Sunday.

Telegram Questions (Coin Engineer AMA)

Q1: How will you provide support for those who do not know Meson Network on how to use the platform in the most efficient way?

It’s a really good question and an important issue. We have detailed manuals and documents. In addition, our moderators help new users and miners get to know the Meson Network. Personally, I can say that the installation and maintenance of our node is really easy. Also, our user interface is very clean.

Q2: How does Meson Network approach the issues of security and decentralization (decentralization)?

Security, privacy and decentralization are the most important priorities for us. Also, these 3 are basic rights for all web 3.0 users.

Q3: Does Meson Network adopt a community-oriented approach? So, is “community support” an important factor for the development of Meson Network in its sector?

All our bandwidth and IPS are provided by our community. That’s why community is so important to us. Also, I think this is the best answer to this question. We can’t do anything without our precious community, the miners and the contributors. Thanks for everything ❤️ 🙏 .

Q4: Is it possible to run other nodes such as Meson CDN and GatewayX from the same device (Mac, Windows) and the same IP address? Do you have an article about this?

Yes it is possible. Also, you can run 1 GaGaNode and 1 GatewayX node on the same Linux device. GaGaNode, Android, Windows, TVBox, Linux, etc. it is available for, but GatewayX is only available for Linux-based operating systems. So, if you have a Linux device and static IPV4, you’re ready 👍 it’s all possible.

Thank you all for having me today, I am very happy to share with you the current situation at Meson Network and our future plans. Be sure to try our On-Ramp and Off-Ramp services, follow us from our X account for the most up-to-date news and campaigns.

Also, feel free to share your thoughts about Coin Engineer AMA in the comments. Besides, don’t forget to follow us on TelegramYouTube, and Twitter for more analysis and updates.

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