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Coin Muhendisi-BinaryX AMA Summary

BinaryX project representative, where we held our Coinmuhendisi-BinaryX AMA event on January 12 2023, answered our questions and gave more information about the project.

You can find the AMA content and details here.

First of all BinaryX officials, whom we asked to introduce themselves, conveyed the following.

Hello everyone, I’m Yunus. I am broadcasting live on the BinaryX Official channel on the BinanceLive platform. I am also a regional consultant for Binaryx. Hello everyone, I’m from BinaryX,Emir. Turkish and Global community admin. I have been working with Bnx for over 1.5 years.

Our event started with some introductory questions we asked BinaryX Project Official as Coinmuhendisi.  The answers given are as follows:

Q1: Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your background and the team working on BinaryX?

A: Hello everyone, I’m on BinaryX, Emir. As I said at the beginning. I’m a Turkish and Global Community Admin. I have been working for BinaryX for more than 1.5 years. Let me give you a brief overview of BinaryX now. BinaryX is a GameFi platform that hosts two metaverse games named CyberDragon and CyberChess. BinaryX originally started as a decentralized derivatives trading system DEFI. Recognizing GameFi’s burgeoning popularity and interest in the metaverse, the team has gradually evolved into decentralized video games development and now operates separately as a GameFi platform offering IGO services to bridge Web2 game developers to Web3. One of the top 10 projects on the BNB Chain, our management token $BNX has over 100,000 token holders and 15K monthly active wallets. It is also one of the largest metaverse projects in terms of trading volume on the BNB chain with a market cap of over 300 million. I don’t know if you’ve looked at its chart, but $BNX has consistently performed strongly despite the bear market.

Q2: We know that you recently released a new CyberChess game. Can you tell us more about CyberChess?

A:Our newly released Cyberchess game is a free-to-play, play-and-win based auto chess strategy game on the GameFi domain. CyberChess is designed to allow players to start playing the game without having to make an initial investment. At the moment, you can start the game without investment with the gifts and promo code given for the first 3 days. The mode that is played the most and provides the main return is the ranked mode. Before entering, you start to fight against 7 other players in rounds by choosing at least 5 Hero cards. You can summon these Hero cards from the Summon section with gold if you want, or you can trade them from the marketplace. Each player has 5 lives in the Ranked match lobby and the game continues until 1 person remains on the field. At the end of the game, points are distributed to everyone according to the ranking. Based on these points, league rankings such as Bronze-Silver-Gold-Platinum-Diamond are created. In Ranked mode, prizes are distributed to players game wallets in BNX coins on Sundays every week. The prizes change according to the league ranking of the player and these prizes are announced on Twitter every Sunday.

Q3: What is the competitive advantage of Cyberchess compared to other available games on the market?

A3: We used 3 design principles to develop Cyberchess. Let me list them as follows. Being strategic and competitive. We started to create Cyberchess after feedback from our community. The community said they wanted something more tactical and strategy based. CyberChess is essentially one step ahead of CyberDragon and is more complex game. It includes more customization in terms of heroes and skills.

Lower barrier to entry –  Current market conditions, we have put a lot of emphasis on additional fees such as initial investment and gas fees for players to start the game and have designed some game modes to be completely free and monetizable.

Better quality – The market is moving fast and the quality of web3 games has increased rapidly. To that end, we’ve recruited more game developers than the traditional playground.

Q4: Can you explain the play and win mechanism in Cyberchess more clearly?

A4: Unlike p2e games, which are purely focused on generating revenue from players, the focus of our game is to strike a balance between winning and having fun. This means creating an environment where players can comfortably play for free, compete and, if they want, activate win modes to play for profit.

This GameFi model lowers the barrier to entry to GameFi for first-time players who don’t want to invest. So anyone who does not have an initial investment is free to enter the game.

Despite being a relatively new concept, it is already being adopted in games like CyberChess where players can play for free and even compete at certain levels, really all players need is to verify their metamask wallet and start the game.

Q5: Were there any difficulties/obstacles encountered in the project recently?

A5: As you know, we have been experiencing a bear market in the crypto market since late 2021 and it has been challenging not only for us but for the entire industry. In the play-and-win model, many other game projects that experienced waves of mass migration along with the decline of Axie Infinity had a really tough time and the projects were questioned.

We had to change our strategies more than once to get through this period. Earlier this year, we focused on finding a more sustainable model for our project. Thanks to intense consultations with our community and a DAO vote. We were able to virtually avoid a major crash during the crypto market crash in January.

We also published a whitepaper in March highlighted our roadmap to becoming a gamefi platform. We have released more game genres with advanced features for our diverse user base that provides platform services such as marketplace, sidechain and IGO services for 3rd party game developers.

We look forward to contine to provide better gaming experiences for our user base as we take steps towards becoming a trusted service provider for our players, investors and developers.

After the questions asked by Coinmuhendisi within the scope of the project and answered by the BinaryX official, 10 people’s questions were selected among Twitter users and Telegram users within the scope of the event  and the questions were answered by the BinaryX  official .


Q1: How many privileges will #BNXtoken holders get in the game? Or is it possible for a player who does not have #BNX tokens to join your game for free and earn income? Could you please tell us how to earn money from your game in the easiest way? (@IsmetAma)

A1: The BNX token is distributed to users in Ranked mode every Sunday in the game according to their rankings. A player only needs to link their Metamask wallet to play Cyber ​​Chess.

Afterwards, he will be given prizes on the homepage with codes specific to both the game and the communities and he will be able to start without investment.

With these gifts, you can fight for weekly BNX rewards by fighting in Ranked mode with the team you create.

Q2: There are many role-playing games among #Play2Earn projects, what kind of gaming experience do you offer your players and investors? How will you make the game easily accessible for everyone? (@bekirrubber)

A2: We aim to provide our players with a gaming experience where they can have fun as well as earn money. In order to make the game easily accessible for everyone, we designed the game as monetizable without any investment.

In Cyberchess, you can really collect weekly rewards in ranked mode just by connecting your wallet. You can also get heroes and skills for free with promo codes.

Q3: As we know, there are many hacking incidents happening in the market at this time. Investors are frankly a bit doubtful when investing. How do you protect yourself from such hacks? Is your team experienced enough? (@zubeyrkayaa)

A3: We work with Salus Securtiy, one of the best in this business to protect against such incidents. Our team consists of GameFi experienced people, also supported by Binance Labs.

Q4: Could you tell us about the future plans of BinaryX? BNX’s downfall so frightened people, why did this happen? What plans do you have for the Turkish society in the future? Do you plan to further improve the graphics of your game? (@eminctnksn)

A4: Speaking of future plans first, on the platform and developers side, we would like to provide a set of services and tools to aspiring GameFi developers, for example: the sidechain optimized specifically for GameFi, as well as the IGO platform that aims to connect players, developers and investors.

Second, on the gaming side, BinaryX will continue to invest in our existing games and develop new genres for our expanding player base. We hope to expand our game selection and make it more diverse, so players of all skill levels can play our games.

As for the price drop thing, some groups got the news of a planned BNX unlock in December and they launched a short campaign against us, spreading malicious rumours. Unfortunately for us, these rumours went viral and scared the market.

We attach great importance to the Turkish market and the community in crypto money markets and always give priority to our work.

In the upcoming Cyberland game, we have increased our game graphic quality considerably. The trailer of the game has been released. You can get an idea about graphics from this video.

Q5: You aim to build infrastructure support, a DAO governance system and community to scale promising GameFi projects and bring more innovation to the blockchain gaming industry. When and how do you reach these goals? (@numan_kadir)

A5: We already make all major decisions by DAO voting with the participation of our community. All BNX holders make their own decisions by participating in these DAO votes.

This question was very nice because we had a DAO vote 2 days ago and recently it was decided to split the BNX token 1:100.

After the token split, it will be listed in the same way on Binance and other exchanges. We think that demand will increase after the split and we will go in a stable upward band .

This was an important and beautiful decision for the community and the BNX token.


Q1: You are holding Cyberchess and Cyberland themed Caps competitions in your Telegram forum. Is the #BinaryX Community happy with events like this? Will there be more events for the Turkish community in your Telegram group? #412 (@USAL8)

A1: We organize and will continue to organize many award-winning events within the community. We give CNFT awards to friends who play active games and participate in events in the community. You get a certain amount of airdrop for every CNFT you collect.

Q2: Combination is very important in Auto Chess games. So, instead of buying random NFTs in CyberChess, does combining certain NFTs provide an opportunity for extra earnings? ( Beyza Sun )

C2: You touched on a very important point. I can say that strategy is everything in the game. We always advise new players who want to invest and always consult us or other experienced players in the group. Because the hero choices you make at the beginning will determine your next strategy. That’s why I’m broadcasting on BinanceLive 2 days a week. You can consult the group to join our game community specific to Turkey and win extra prizes.

Q3: We heard that you recently released the game Cyberland. Will the heroes we buy in Cyberchess be transferred to this platform as well? Could you give brief information about Cyberland? (@nurullahhjoggjj)

A3: Yes, our newest game Cyberland will be released soon. We will be able to own land in our own metaverse world in Cyberland. At the same time, we will transfer the same characters from Cyberdragon to Cyberchess without any problems, as well as to Cyberland.

Q4: Do you have any work on Turkish language option for users whose English is not good? ( Avax )

A4: Besides the BinaryX global group, there are 12 different local community telegram groups. Besides, they have official twitter accounts in 8 different languages. We have special studies for users of all languages. Each tweet and each announcement are instantly translated into the local language by the relevant employees.

Q5: What tokens should players have to buy a hero? Can you tell me the steps to get a hero? Can I play the game now on my mobile device?(@Night_99)

A5: If you want to buy and sell Hero or Skills on the Marketplace within the game, these transactions are done over BNB. If you want to Summon Hero from scratch, you can make Hero Summon by using Gold from the Summoning Altar or with the help of the diamonds you have accumulated. You can play on mobile with metamask browser.

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