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Dogecoin Creator Honors Kabosu’s Legacy


Billy Markus joined forces with another software developer, Jackson Palmer, in 2013 to establish the first meme cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, and he has paid homage to the venerable meme Shiba Inu dog Kabosu, who passed away on Friday on the X platform.

Kabosu became the mascot of this first meme crypto after rising to be a meme in 2010 and motivating the Dogecoin founders.

In a post on Kabosu chatting to Death, Markus—known on X as Shibetoshi Nakamoto—published notes whereby the dog says, “It’s time to go.” When she asks Death whether she “was a good girl,” Death responds, “No. I had been informed you were the best.

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The meme community backed Markus and shared images of Kabosu and her interaction with Harambe, a gorilla who went viral following its 2016 death.

At nineteen, Kabosu passed away on Friday in Japan. Owning the dog, Atsuko Sato posted the tragic news on her blog. Sharing her message with the meme coin community, the official Dogecoin account on X

Elon Musk’s Tribute and Dogecoin’s Evolution

Strong Dogecoin fan Elon Musk paid homage to Kabosu on Friday in a tweet as well. Short-lived gains in DOGE and another famous meme coin, Shiba Inu, responded to the tweet of the centillionaire. Musk claimed that Kabosu “ascended to heaven” to meet Harambe, the gorilla that won the adoration of the Internet community and turned into a meme in 2016. After a tiny boy reached into his enclosure, a zoo employee had to shoot this gorilla dead.

Originally a joke and a parodie on Bitcoin (the BTC code was used when building it), in the past 7–8 years, Elon Musk noticed the meme coin and gave it significant momentum, helping to promote it and turn it from just a meme into a real digital currency.

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Markus and Musk routinely comment on X, and Shibetoshi Nakamoto often supports the X owner and his initiatives on turning the former Twitter into an ultimate “everything app,” including the inclusion of the Grok AI chatbot into it.

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