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Solana Exec Bullish on Tensor (TNSR) Listing on OKX Exchange


Solana Labs’ Head of Strategy, Austin Federa, has expressed optimism regarding the listing of Tensor (TENSOR) on the OKX cryptocurrency exchange.

OKX, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange platform, has officially declared the inclusion of Tensor (TNSR) on its spot trading market. Tensor, a significant player in the NFT ecosystem built on the Solana blockchain, is poised to introduce its newly launched token on OKX’s platform with a series of scheduled events.

Solana Exec Applauds Tensor’s OKX Listing

Austin Federa, the Head of Strategy at Solana Labs, has voiced optimism about Tensor’s listing on OKX. He emphasized the strengthening presence of Solana ecosystem tokens through major exchange listings. Additionally, the Solana community has demonstrated keen interest in the new token’s listing.

As per the latest announcement, TNSR deposits will commence on the OKX exchange at 4:00 am UTC on April 8, 2024. Subsequently, TNSR/USDT spot trading will kick off at 3:15 pm UTC on the same day. Furthermore, TNSR withdrawals are scheduled to open at 3:15 pm UTC on April 9, 2024.

The addition of Tensor to OKX’s trading ecosystem signifies a significant milestone for the Solana NFT community. Tensor Protocol, known for its smart contract-based autonomous protocol, serves as a cornerstone for NFT marketplaces.

Moreover, it enables seamless connectivity among users, collectors, buyers, and sellers. With a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, Tensor aims to revolutionize NFT trading experiences on the Solana blockchain with the launch of TNSR today.

About Tensor Protocol

Tensor has emerged as the largest NFT marketplace on Solana, commanding 60-70% of the network’s daily NFT volume. Its rapid rise to dominance since its inception in July 2022 underscores its appeal and utility within the burgeoning NFT landscape. Therefore, Tensor’s introduction of its native token, TNSR, marks a groundbreaking move.

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Tensor’s success is attributed to its commitment to offering a fast and professional trading environment, coupled with comprehensive coverage of the latest NFT projects on Solana. Within less than a year, Tensor has risen to become the #1 marketplace on Solana, earning the trust and patronage of collectors and traders.

As TNSR makes its debut on OKX’s platform, anticipation grows regarding its potential impact on the broader crypto market. Currently, TNSR’s price remains undetermined as the listing is pending. Nevertheless, its listing on OKX presents an opportunity for traders and enthusiasts to engage with this new investment option.

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