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Donald Trump Is In Trouble With His NFT Collection

Donald Trump

As reported by Axios, former President Donald Trump plans to take a break from his hearing by dining with supporters who purchased “Mugshot Edition” NFTs. Trump, who is currently facing a criminal trial in New York, flew to Palm Beach, Florida, to meet supporters for dinner at Mar-a-Lago.

Invites to the dinner were given to people who individually purchased more than 47 NFTs valued at $99 each. In his speech outside the court on Tuesday, Trump said he preferred to campaign on his ongoing case, which he called a “scam.” The hearing centers on allegations of falsifying business records related to hush money payments made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

The “Mugshot” NFTs feature Trump’s mugshot from his 2023 arrest on charges of conspiracy to object to the 2020 US election results, which has not yet been tried. Notably, the company behind these NFTs is not directly affiliated with Trump’s campaign.

In addition to the dinner, fans who purchase enough NFTs will receive a physical card featuring a piece of the suit Trump wore during his arrest in Atlanta last August. The dress is touted on the NFT promotional website as “the most historically significant artifact in the history of the United States.”

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