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Donald Trump’s Wallet Surpasses $10 Million

Donald Trump Crypto

The value of former U.S. President Donald Trump’s altcoin wallet has exceeded the $10 million mark. According to blockchain analytics firm Arkham, the total value of Trump’s wallet fell back to $9.6 million after a dip in token prices.

A significant portion of Trump’s wallet consists of MAGA (TRUMP) tokens. The total value of the TRUMP tokens in Trump’s wallet rose to $6.93 million as the token price surged from $7.54 to $11.97 in a week.

Historically skeptical of Bitcoin and altcoins, Donald Trump has recently expressed a more positive view of the cryptocurrency sector. As he prepares for this year’s presidential race, Trump has vowed to ban central bank digital currencies and pledged to release Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht, seeking support from cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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