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Extradition Documents From Interpol Africa Are Ready for Binance’s Anjarwalla


The Interpol official did not confirm whether Binance‘s Anjarwalla was currently being held in Kenya, but noted that the escaped crypto executive was last seen in that country.

The African International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol Africa) has confirmed that extradition documents have been completed for Nadeem Anjarwalla, the Binance Holdings Limited executive who escaped from authority.

Garba Umar, Deputy Director of Interpol Africa, disclosed this information on the Sunrise Daily program broadcast on the April 30 edition of local news agency Channels Television. In the interview, Umar added that the organization was actively working with the governments of different countries by issuing a red notice to Anjarwalla and submitting agreements, Unified Agreement, and other documents necessary for his trial in Nigeria.

The Interpol official did not confirm whether Anjarwalla was currently being held in Kenya, but noted that the escaped crypto executive was last seen there. Umar said:

“I don’t know, but the last information I can tell you is that Kenya was this man’s final destination when he fled (Nigeria). I can confirm that to you.” Umar added that Interpol contacted all countries where Anjarwalla was believed to have transited and “obtained some specific information that is not possible to share on this platform.”

Anjarwalla, along with his colleague Tigran Gambaryan, whose charges include money laundering and tax evasion, were arrested under the supervision of the National Security Advisor on March 22 and fled to Kenya. Anjarwalla was reportedly flying from Abuja on a Middle East airline, according to reports. However, it is unclear how he got on the international flight as the UK passport with which he entered Nigeria is still in the possession of Nigerian authorities.

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While Anjarwalla remains outside the country, Gambaryan has denied the accusations. After several weeks in custody, his wife and others demand his release. Gambaryan’s wife started a petition to bring him back to the United States, and at the time of publication, 4,161 signatures had been collected. Gambaryan’s next bail hearing is on May 17. On March 5, Binance announced that it intended to terminate naira trading and thus exit the market. Binance also stated that Binance’s peer-to-peer platform removed all naira trading pairs in late February.

On February 27, the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria claimed that crypto exchanges in Nigeria were handling unofficial transactions and that there were “suspicious flows” on Binance.

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