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Gemini Exchange Manager is Leaving His Position!

Gemini Exchange

It has been announced that Pravjit Tiwana, the chief technology officer of Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, will be leaving his position.

It was announced this month that he would be leaving his position as Gemini’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer). Pravjit Tiwana was known as an experienced name who previously worked at large companies like Amazon and Disney.

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Tiwana was also serving as the CEO of Gemini APAC (Asia-Pacific), so he played an important role in the company’s senior management. This departure may signal changes in the company’s future management dynamics.

Tiwana and Gemini have not yet shared clear comment information with the public in accordance with this news.

According to the leaked report, the CTO worked to make Gemini’s culture more similar to Amazon’s, and this caused some employees to leave. The report also stated that supervising product, engineering, and design was included in Tiwana’s responsibilities in the company.

Also, Gemini is still in a legal battle with Genesis and Digital Currency Group. Specifically, it is legally fighting to get back customer assets from Genesis, with whom it collaborated under the Gemini Earn program.

In this process, the company is resolutely working to protect its customers’ rights and secure future business relationships.

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