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$2.57 T

Google Announces Partnership with New Altcoin!


The partnership between Google and the MAP Protocol led to a 17% increase in the MAP token price. Signs of growth in the crypto world are strengthening.

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As expectations grow in the cryptocurrency space, new partnerships are becoming increasingly common. The latest partnership was announced between the Bitcoin Layer-2 MAP Protocol and Google Cloud.

MAP Protocol announced that it has joined forces with Google Cloud, a division of Google Cloud, with the goal of strengthening global Web3 innovations.

A Google Cloud spokesperson said:

“The collaboration between the latest blockchain technology and cloud computing platforms represents a significant step in technological evolution. By combining the peer-to-peer functionality of the MAP Protocol with the Google Cloud infrastructure, we are making blockchain more accessible for both beginners and experienced developers.”

Following this announcement, the MAP Protocol’s native token, MAP, experienced an increase of up to 17% and is currently trading at $0.037, up 5%.

MAP tokens can be easily bought and sold on global exchanges such as Binance, BitGet, Kucoin, Mexc, Houbi, and If you would like to take advantage of the discount link specifically defined for Coin Engineer followers, you can use our referral code by clicking on the exchange you want to register for.

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