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Web 3.0 & Blockchain World

Web 3.0 is a phase of this huge Internet. The Internet has become an essential part of our lives. We can do many things from the comfort of our homes through the Internet, like shopping, making payments, and transferring money.

What is the Web 3.0?

With the growing use of the internet, the concept of the Web is evolving. The first version, called Web 1 didn’t make much noise when it appeared in the 1980s. However, Web 2 which has been around for more than 15-20 years, has become widely known.

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Platforms like Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube have all been developed under the “Web 2” project. This development in Web 2.0 has sparked people’s interest in the Web 3.0 project. People are now looking into the path of the Web 3.0 project.

What is the difference between Web1.0, Web2.0, and Web3.0?

In Web1, servers were the main components and needed to communicate with each other. In Web 2, servers have been replaced by platforms and we can communicate by registering.

The key difference in Web 3 is the ability to connect with someone over the internet without intermediaries or the need to register.

The goal of Web 3 is to establish a decentralized connection.

What is a Decentralized System?

Applications were called apps in Web 2.0. In web3 they are called dapps (decentralized apps). In this new version, only the content producer will receive payment for their work and the apps won’t profit from it. When we download an application or listen to a song, the fee we pay goes directly to the creator, eliminating intermediaries. This creates a decentralized system.

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