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Gunzilla: Innovative Game Developer


Gunzilla is an independent, innovative, and player-focused AAA game developer founded in 2020. The main focus for Gunzilla is to create next-generation experiences for players, with the objective of producing games that will stay in players’ minds for a long time.

Off the Grid


Off the Grid, a third-person shooter Battle Royale game, does not yet have a release date. The game is expected to be launched for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

The game, designed by Neill Blomkamp, is set on a dystopian tropical island called Teardrop Island and offers players a 60-hour storyline.

The game’s scenario was written by Richard K. Morgan, the lead writer of the famous war game Crysis 2, and was announced in May 2022.

Additionally, the game features a platform called “GunZ”, which uses blockchain technology for in-game trades, where players can buy new in-game items from other players.


GunZ is an NFT platform created for the “Off the Grid” game and developed by Gunzilla Games.

This platform uses blockchain technology to allow players to buy and sell their in-game items against other players.

GunZ allows players to control their in-game items even outside the game. This feature signifies that players can also value their in-game items outside the game.

Gunzilla Games provides a gaming experience where trade is entirely optional and does not require players to purchase in-game progress or game features with money.

Avalanche and Gunzilla Partnership

Gunzilla Games announced its partnership with Avalanche in recent years to build its blockchain-based digital economy platform, GunZ, on the Avalanche Subnet. This partnership aimed to create the first Game Layer 1 Blockchain built by game developers for game developers.

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GunZ is designed to use in-game tokens for transaction fees and is built on a Subnet. It aims to provide a rewarding user experience for both Web3 and traditional players.


Avalanche And Gunzilla Partnership

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