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Hacker Launders 1100 ETH Through Tornado Cash


The hacker(s) who hacked the Poloniex exchange nearly 6 months ago have laundered 1100 ETH, worth $3.3 million, by sending it to the mixing app Tornado Cash in the early hours of this morning.

The hacker(s), who had not moved the ETH for a long time, sent the ETH to Tornado Cash in batches of 100. Experts believe that the Lazarus Group, which is linked to North Korea, is behind the attack and theft. The fact that the attackers have not responded to any of Poloniex’s reward offers so far further strengthens this possibility.

The Lazarus Group made a name for itself in 2022 with the Ronin Network attack, stealing $600 million worth of cryptocurrency.

The US banned Tornado Cash last year, citing its use in laundering funds from attacks to support North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. A Tornado Cash developer was also arrested in the Netherlands last year for this reason.

The cryptocurrency world argues that applications like Tornado Cash protect privacy, a human right, and should not be banned.

The US recently arrested the developers and founders of Samurai Wallet for similar reasons.

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