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How to Claim SEI Airdrop?

The long-awaited announcement regarding the anticipated airdrop from SEI token, which is actively traded on numerous popular exchanges including Binance, has been officially released. Here are the specifics:

After garnering substantial attention from investors and airdrop enthusiasts over an extended period, the SEI project has finally unveiled its highly anticipated airdrop announcement. The announcement outlines the eligibility criteria for participating in the SEI airdrop, indicating that users engaged with the Atlantic 2 testnet and those enrolled in the SEI Ambassador Program stand qualified to receive airdrop rewards.

Although the Airdrop Claim page has been opened for use, users expressed concern about the absence of a designated claim button. In response to these concerns, the platform issued a statement on its X (Twitter) account.

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The statement reads: “This marks the commencement of an extensive journey dedicated to swiftly transforming web2 experiences into web3 applications. The rewards associated with Atlantic and the Airdrop will become claimable after an initial warm-up phase, as the SEI Ecosystem readies itself. The SEI Foundation eagerly anticipates the emergence of innovative applications built upon SEI’s foundational infrastructure.”

Guidelines for SEI Airdrop Claim:

While the SEI team has not provided explicit instructions, several claims have surfaced. Among these, the most prominent is the assertion that airdrop distribution will occur subsequent to the mainnet launch.

According to this assertion, SEI intends to deliver airdrops post-beta launch to individuals engaging in bridge and stake transactions through the website initially shared with the mainnet beta named Pacific-1. This website, believed by the community to serve as the airdrop claim interface, is expected to facilitate airdrop rewards.

It is important to note that these claims lack definitive confirmation. An official statement from the platform regarding this matter is still pending.

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