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Infinex Front-End DEX Set to Launch on May 13, Synthetix Founder Confirms


Following weeks of speculation and many postponements, Infinex, the centralized exchange (DEX) gateway, is scheduled for its grand opening on May 13th. Synthetix founder Kain Warwick announced the long-anticipated launch date on May 2, during his appearance at the ETH Global conference in Sydney, Australia.

At last, a Firm Date

Warwick’s Infinex announcement is a pivotal development because it comes after the project missed several deadlines since its initial plan to launch in Q4 of 2022. Warwick attempted to put more stress on the ceremony and called May 13 the “account launch date,” which in his mind meant that users could finally obtain access to their self-custodial accounts on the platform as of that day.

Innovative Approach to User Experience

Infinex, the only noncustodial derivative DEX front-end, ensures users a similar experience they get from centralized exchanges. One of its fundamental elements is the social login feature, which allows the user to log in via familiar social media platforms like Google. Warwick asserted that this functionality was the way to avoid the usual tension of the Web3 user interfaces and to improve access for users.

Engagement through Gamification

Furthermore, Warwick announced a roadmap for a poins-farning game, which begins in the month following the launch, giving users the opportunity to accumulate governance points by depositing into their respective accounts. Thus, Infinex’s gamified approach aims to promote participation and involvement in the Infinex ecosystem from its inception.

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Overcoming Adversity

Despite the fact that this event was the result of significant roadside difficulties, In March 2023, Infinex had a security breach, and Warwick responded quickly by joining the project working group leadership. Warwick highlighted the delay in launching Infinex’s unexpected vulnerability and emphasized the importance of proactive security measures.

Final Hurdle

Warwick subsequently told the class that the security breach originated from a social engineering attack. A person who was not an employee gained unauthorized access to the sensitive systems. Warwick concluded that the security needed improvement, and Infinex implemented a new security protocol, even though the pre-launch phase did not pose any risk.

Approval Pending

As the next step, Warwick revealed that the DAO, Spartan Council, programming the Synthetix protocol has the final go-ahead on the launch, which is May 13. Even though the recommendation is only symbolic, Warwick underlined that the final judgment is in the hands of the council members.

Ambitious Targets

Before the launch, Warwick put forward highly ambitious goals for Infinex, which targets the TVL to reach above $50 million and 10,000 genuine users within the first month. While a hefty waitlist is handy, Warwick highlighted the need for a real user base who would not only be active within the platform but engage the community and bring growth to the platform in the long run.

Expanding Horizons

Addressing the rising demand from the market, Warwick sees an opportune moment for Infinex, anticipating “hundreds of thousands” of users in the first year, provided the current bullish cycle has no signs of fading.

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