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Judge Rejects Craig Wright’s Claim to Be Satoshi Nakamoto

Craig Wright

A recent ruling by Judge James Mellor on March 14th concludes that Craig Wright, the Australian computer scientist, is not the pseudonymous creator of the Bitcoin network, Satoshi Nakamoto. BitMEX Research has reported on this development, marking a significant moment in the ongoing legal battle surrounding Wright’s claim.

Legal Battle Unveiled: COPA vs. Craig Wright

Closing arguments commenced in London on March 12th as part of a lawsuit initiated by the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) against Wright. Since 2016, Wright has asserted his identity as Satoshi Nakamoto, facing scrutiny and legal challenges. COPA’s lawsuit aimed to restrain Wright from further propagating this claim, alleging extensive document forgery in support of his narrative.

Impact on Bitcoin Community and Development

The trial, which commenced on February 5th, has been closely monitored by the cryptocurrency community. COPA’s stance against Wright’s assertions underscores broader concerns within the Bitcoin ecosystem regarding intellectual property rights and legal maneuvering. The Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund has highlighted the detrimental effects of such litigation on developers and contributors to the Bitcoin protocol, emphasizing the need for vigilance against abusive lawsuits.

Wright’s copyright registration for the Bitcoin white paper and associated code in 2019 ignited debates regarding ownership and open-source principles. This action raised questions about the nature of intellectual property rights within the cryptocurrency community. The outcome of this legal saga could have far-reaching implications for the accessibility and evolution of Bitcoin’s foundational documents and technology.

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