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Justin Sun Gives Encouraging News!

Justin Sun

Justin Sun Delivers Encouraging News! The cryptocurrency exchange associated with digital asset entrepreneur Justin Sun, HTX, has fully resumed Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal operations after a hacking attack. The founder and CEO of HTX, Justin Sun, announced on November 26 that all major currencies including BTC, ETH, TRX and USDT are now fully functional for deposit and withdrawal at HTX.

Justin Sun had confirmed 

Justin Sun had confirmed that about 30 million dollars worth of cryptocurrency was stolen from the exchange’s wallet during the attack. HTX had temporarily suspended Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal transactions after the hack attack.

In his statement about the hacking, Sun stated that a large part of the work has been completed and they aim to gradually bring back the remaining currencies in the following few days. All work is expected to be completed by next week. The hacking of HTX is the second significant security issue for the exchange’s founder Justin Sun. Poloniex, another exchange supported by Justin Sun, was targeted in two separate hack incidents that resulted in a loss of over 110 million dollars in cryptocurrency a short while ago.

The hacking of HTX has once again brought up concerns about the safety of cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrency exchanges are being exposed to more attacks each year. These attacks can cause the exchanges’ users to lose their money.

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HTX announced that it will enhance security measures following the hack attack. As part of these measures, the exchange will make the two-factor authentication (2FA) system compulsory to better protect users’ accounts. Additionally, it will take new security measures to strengthen the exchange’s infrastructure. The hacking of HTX has reignited concerns about security in cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrency exchanges should take the necessary precautions to keep their users’ money safe.

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