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Justin Sun Nets Millions in Surprise EIGEN Airdrop

Justin Sun

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron and one of the most controversial people in the world of cryptocurrencies, had one of his wallets contain an intriguing new development.

Just a few minutes ago, 2.08 million EIGEN tokens were distributed through an airdrop to the ‘Justin Sun 4′ wallet, which is one of the wallets that are identified as belonging to Justin Sun.

The evidence indicates that Justin Sun was the second wallet on EigenLayer to stake the maximum amount of Ethereum that was legally permissible. Sun made a direct investment of 104,000 ETH to EigenLayer prior to the month of March, and he made an indirect investment of 58,000 ETH thanks to Puffer.

Nevertheless, the transferability functionality has not yet been activated, despite the fact that the EIGEN tokens in question are now being distributed through airdrops. At the time of this writing, however, the price of EIGEN tokens is currently trading at $7.84 in certain pre-launch marketplaces at the moment. This demonstrates that Justin Sun received in the neighborhood of sixteen million dollars as a result of his stakes. There was a total of 470 million dollars worth of Ethereum that Sun has staked to EigenLayer.

These tokens will, according to the officials, become transferable at a later time. The Eigen Foundation has specified in a message sent via Telegram that they intend to target the 30th of September.

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