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‘Liquid Vesting’: Blockchain Feature That Allows Early Investors to Sell Without Waiting

Colony Lab, a developer and project incubator in the Avalanche blockchain ecosystem, introduced a new feature, “liquid vesting.” This feature allows early investors, such as founders or venture capital backers, to sell their tokens before the vesting period expires.

Colony Lab introduces a new feature called “liquid vesting”. If this sounds like a detour, that’s because it is. Providing immediate access to liquidity while keeping your investments. Providing access to liquidity without waiting for the end of the vesting period.

“Liquid vesting allows early investors to trade their tokens before depositing them, while creating no impact on projects and the secondary market,” said Wessal Erradi, co-founder of Colony Labs. A positive outlook? “It also allows new buyers to establish long-term positions,” Erradi said.

Colony announced the feature on Tuesday alongside the launch of its decentralized fundraising platform, which aims to democratize access to seed sales investments in early-stage projects. Such investments were previously limited only to venture capital firms and high-net-worth individuals.

This announcement comes after Colony shared in November that it had invested $10 million in the Avalanche blockchain ecosystem and purchased more than 500,000 AVAX tokens towards a validators program for AVAX holders.

Another co-founder, Elie Le Rest, noted that this has some precedents in traditional markets, but “it is not as prevalent in crypto.”
“We had the infrastructure to be able to build something like this,” Le Rest said in an interview.

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