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Michael Saylor : Bitcoin is Stronger!

Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor the defender of bitcoin said: Bitcoin is stronger! MicroStrategy’s founder Michael Saylor, shared a chart to demonstrate the strength of Bitcoin. The chart presented by Saylor clearly shows that Bitcoin provides a significant advantage over traditional financial products.

According to public information, Michael Saylor, who owns 158,245 Bitcoins in his inventory and is the pioneer of MicroStrategy, continues to use the data he has to support his investments. Saylor’s chart, who considers August 10, 2020, as the start date of Bitcoin investments, reveals that Bitcoin offers much higher returns compared to other investment tools.

Saylor’s data shows that Bitcoin has impressively increased by 147% since August 10. In contrast, the S&P 500 index, based on the largest 500 stocks, only increased by 26%, while Nasdaq showed a 18% increase.

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According to the chart shared by the CEO of MicroStrategy, bonds had the biggest decrease, recording a 24% fall. Michael Saylor claims that Bitcoin is a strong competitor in this financial landscape.

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