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Millions of Dollars Worth of Altcoins Stuck on Bridges


Arkham Intelligence has discovered that millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency are unclaimed on various crypto bridges.

On-chain data and analytics firm Arkham Intelligence has stated that millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency has been forgotten by its owners on bridges.

Arkham, which identified several accounts containing cryptocurrency in bridge contracts, stated that these accounts also include Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and many DeFi and NFT giants. Arkham made the following statement on the subject:

There are many 6 or 7 digit accounts forgotten in bridge contracts. If you are one of these accounts, you may have lost a few million dollars.

Arkham noted that a wallet named thomasg.eth left approximately $800,000 on Arbitrum’s local bridge and that this amount remained there for about two years.

On the other hand, an account linked to an NFT user identified as Mike Macdonald on Twitter seems to have forgotten to claim approximately $117,000 in connection with Cryptopunks sales.

According to the data, an account that received 50 ETH from Vitalik Buterin left these funds on the Optimism bridge for approximately seven months.

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