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New Tether CEO Discusses Important Development!


Tether ‘s new CEO Ardonio announced that Tether will build sustainable energy facilities in Uruguay and El Salvador.

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Paolo Ardoino, who was appointed as Tether’s CEO on December 1, has been promoted from his position as chief technology officer since 2017.

Ardoine’s appointment was a planned process and coincided with a period focusing on the company’s diversification and expansion strategies.

In a statement, Ardoino drew attention to the company’s goal of making a $4.5 billion profit from its main business line this year. He also stated that there will be significant changes in the company’s product range and overall direction.

In his statements, Ardonio said, “As we will show in the coming quarters, the meaning of Tether is not only limited to USDT.” Emphasizing that the company will increasingly become an infrastructure provider, Ardoino appreciated the “pioneering of Web3”, but he was less satisfied with the application and described it as a bubble.

Also, while touching on discussions about real-world assets, he stated that he thought the real-world ecosystem was more important. Ardoino, stressing that innovations from the crypto world should attract the attention of the public who are interested in what the technology does rather than how it works, expressed his great excitement, especially about the communication application Keet and the platform Holepunch, where he is the chief strategy officer.

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