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The Causes of Ether (ETH)’s Rapid Rise!

The amount of Ether in exchanges dropped to its lowest level in history at 11%, according to a report. This indicates that more of the cryptocurrency is being locked for DeFi. Ether (ETH), the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, has made a gain of 33% since the beginning of the year, and this growth is impacted by factors other than the potential approval of an ETF.

Firstly, the Ethereum blockchain moved to a proof-of-stake consensus model in September 2022, and since this transition, the supply of ether is not increasing. This fact is often overlooked.

The amount of Ether held in exchanges is considered a key indicator. This quantity is currently below 11%, indicating that more Ether is being locked. Ether is being locked in staking pools, DeFi smart contracts and layer-2 networks.

A strong DeFi ecosystem is increasing the value of Ethereum. As Ether’s transaction fees rise, more people are being encouraged to stake their Ether. Moreover, as financial smart contracts in Ethereum’s layer 2 networks increase, more Ether is being locked, thereby increasing demand.

Protocols like the Eigen layer are encouraging the restaking of Ether. Also, new layer-2 networks that bring scalability and low fees to Ethereum are leading to the revival of DeFi.

As clarity is provided on token regulations, DeFi tokens are becoming more attractive. This is adding more value to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Lastly, the planned Dencun update for Ethereum in March is promising a significant reduction in layer-2 transaction costs. This will relieve congestion on the main network and provide more volume to the Ethereum ecosystem.

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