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Satoshi posted an important tweet about Bitcoin!

Satoshi posted an important tweet about Bitcoin! While the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto remains a mystery, an account claiming the username “satoshi” on Twitter made an important statement. The statement shared on Twitter was titled “Protecting the Original Bitcoin Protocol and Open Source Rights.”.

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The account in question uses its “satoshi” username to claim to be Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin. However, it remains unclear whether there is a real name behind this claim.
In the statement, the account holder detailed developments focused on preserving the original Bitcoin protocol and maintaining the integrity of open source rights. The alleged Satoshi emphasized that his actions were not intended to harm or attack open source rights.
The person who claimed to be the original developer of Bitcoin emphasized the importance of an environment where open source contributions are always valued and respected. However, he argued that recent events such as the forking of the Bitcoin protocol by certain groups without the user’s consent should be taken to protect the integrity of Bitcoin.
Satoshi 2

Behind these statements, it is known that the owner of the Twitter account is actually Craig Wright. Craig Wright has become a controversial figure in the Bitcoin community by introducing himself as the creator of Bitcoin. However, he has not been able to prove his claims, and even his claims that the Bitcoin codes belong to him are frequently questioned. Wright is also known for being involved in lawsuits over copyright claims against sites that shared the Bitcoin Whitepaper.

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