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Seba Bank Rebrands as Amına Bank!

Seba Bank

The Swiss crypto bank Seba Bank AG recently announced its rebranding to Amına Bank AG.

The crypto firm, headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, has been authorized by FINMA to provide banking services since 2019.

Amına stated that the rebranding has opened a new chapter for the company and explained that the name itself is derived from the term “transamination,” which means the transfer from one compound to another.

In a statement made by Amına (Seba Bank) CEO Franz Bergmueller,

“Our brand represents a new phase in the company’s growth and strategy; we are a significant player in crypto banking and are here to define the future of finance.

Also, with our customer-centric approach and years of experience in traditional and crypto finance, we provide a platform for investors to safely create wealth under the highest regulatory standards.” He said.

Amına said that this name change will not affect the work or the clients. The company will also later apply for a name change that will be compatible with its Zug headquarters for its Abu Dhabi branch and its subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Singapore.

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Other Name Changes

Amına said this name change would not affect work or customers. The company will also apply later for a name change that will match the Zug headquarters for its Abu Dhabi branch and Hong Kong and Singapore subsidiaries.

Also, there are only a few weeks left for Amına to get a license to provide services in Hong Kong as part of the new crypto authorization framework in the region.

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