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ETF Statement from SEC Chairman!


The Chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ), Gary Gensler, announced yesterday that they are actively reviewing multiple applications for spot Bitcoin ETF. Even though Gensler refrained from giving details about this important process, he reassured that the staff is diligently working on the applications.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Gensler said, “Our staff is working on multiple files” and stated that he refrained from evaluating the results of these reviews at this stage.

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Gensler Discusses Bitcoin ETF Decisions

Last month, Gensler, who refrained from talking about the decision not to appeal the court decision regarding the ongoing lawsuit against Grayscale by the SEC, did not make a clear statement as to whether the institution will approve a single BTC ETF or wait for all the funds within a group.

Gensler in the following statement: “There are not one but multiple files in front of us, I think there are eight or ten files, and these are being evaluated by the staff and ultimately the Commission.

He also stressed that when an asset manager intends to make a product public, the manager must register this product with the SEC. Highlighting the key role of the SEC’s Corporation Finance Division and the Trading and Markets Division in the review of applications, Gensler said, “This is a process that dates back decades and has been tested over time. The SEC staff, also known as the Disclosure Review Team, responds to potential issuers in this group and provides feedback.

Market players are eagerly awaiting how the applications for spot Bitcoin ETFs will turn out, while Gensler’s statements have caused great excitement in the world of cryptocurrency.

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