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Solana-Based Project to Launch Its Own Crypto

Solana Minette

Solana-based DeFi protocol deBridge is preparing to launch its own cryptocurrency, DBR.

The DBR token, developed by deBridge, will be used for governance within the protocol.

Last month, deBridge launched a score program to reward users for their actions within the protocol.

The DBR token will have a total supply of 10 billion. 20% of this will be used for the launch of DBR and to reward community members. The remaining 26% of the supply will be allocated to ecosystem development, 20% to project contributors, 17% to strategic partners, 15% to the deBridge Foundation, and 2% to validators.

Jupiter users will vote tomorrow on whether to launch DBR on the Jupiter launchpad LFG. If approved, deBridge will have three months to launch from LFG.

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