% 0.68
BTC Dominance:
% 0.31
Market Cap:
$2.57 T
% 0.03
Fear & Greed:
75 / 100
$ 68.544
BTC Dominance:
% 52.7
Market Cap:
$2.57 T

Sparkling Bonk Inflamed with Binance

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance, started the day with the explosive news of Bonk (BONK) listing.

At this point, Binance, which announced that it will list the popular meme token Bonk (BONK) based on Solana (SOL) listed by Coinbase a few days ago, said:

Binance will list Bonk (BONK) and start trading for these spot trading pairs at 11:00 am on 12/15/2023 Turkey time.

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New Spot Trading Pairs: They plan to list as BONK/USDT, BONK/FDUSD and BONK/TRY.

Users started depositing BONK to prepare for trading since 06:00 am Turkey time.

Withdrawal transactions will start as of 11:00 am on 12/16/2023.

For about 3 weeks in our Telegram channel, Youtube channel and Twitter account, we have been talking about Bonk (BONK). If you want to reach and invest in coins like this and others, don’t forget to follow.

Following the Binance listing news, the price increased by approximately 102%.

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