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Stellar Announces Implementation of Smart Contracts in the Network!


The Stellar Development Foundation announced yesterday, following the postponement of its major update expected last January, that the update has officially taken place and smart contracts have been implemented in the network!

The Update was Postponed for About a Month! (Stellar)

In the announcements made in the last week of January, Stellar Development Foundation stated that it was necessary to postpone the “Protocol 20” update due to the bugs found. The update, a major upgrade to add Ethereum-style smart contracts, was postponed for about a month and executed yesterday, stating that “Protocol 20” is now available.

A New Era in Blockchain Technology!

Stellar Development Foundation announced the implementation of smart contracts in the Stellar network, which it claims will help launch a “new era” for blockchain technology.

In its announcement on February 20, 2024, it shared that the “Protocol 20” upgrade is completed, new smart contract features are activated and the smart contract platform named Soraban will be gradually made available.

Stellar smart contracts aim to provide a user-friendly developer experience using Rust and WASM languages.

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