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Stripe Boosts Solana with Crypto Payments Integration


Stripe, named for one of the popular payment gateways, is one of the leading financial service providers. In a radical move, it has announced its foray into the cryptocurrency market with the aim of disrupting the digital payment space. The company’s latest venture is geared towards easing crypto payments with the stable USDC coin on the Solana blockchain, which has already been available for crypto payments with Ethereum and Polygon.

Challenges Persist for Solana in DeFi Space

John Collison, co-founder, announced an equally courageous move during his keynote address, and he threw light on the existing massive evolution.

“We are rolling out our payments service to support global stablecoins directly, thereby eliminating delays in settlement,” Collison said. The company’s readiness to fully embrace the digital financial space was also illustrated by the evolution of this technology.

Due to their decision, the Solana (SOL) shows great promise, and it is a community that has seen astronomical growth in recent months. So, Stripe’s users who will have direct interactions with SOL may boost the general adoption rate of SOL within the ecosystem, leading to a large number of those transactions.

On the positive side, Solana recorded massive growth in its trading capacity, but more recent data now shows that Solana’s DeFi sub-section is slowly losing popularity.

Declining Interest in Solana’s DeFi Verticals

From the peak of 2.4 million daily active users on the network in April, there has been a persistent decline, and 1.3 million addresses have left the network. Besides the decline in indicators like TVL and DEX volumes, which testify to a loss of user interest in Solana’s DeFi options, transactions and on-chain activity data also depict a similar picture.

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The presence of cryptocurrencies in Stripe seems to offer a potential benefit, as it could spark renewed interest and activity in the Solana system. Nevertheless, sustainable growth of the Solana network still heavily relies on effective responses to all of the obstacles faced by DeFi services and the transfer of new users to garner wide adoption.

As per the most recent development, SOL was valued at $136, which was a dip by 5.25% in comparison to the report in the past 24 hours. Furthermore, the social volume and sentiment of the SOL token have seen a dip, which implies a trend change or shift in the dynamics.

In a nutshell, the latest move by Stripe is an amazing milestone for Solana, but the chain has to overcome some existing problems in its DeFi universe in order to retain its pole position in the digital assets niche.

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