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Vitalik Buterin Talks About Artificial Intelligence

Vitalik Buterin

The founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, claims that uncontrolled super-intelligent artificial intelligence (AI) could surpass humans and become the new top species on the planet.

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Buterin suggested that this would depend on how humans react to the development of artificial intelligence. Buterin considered a thought leader in the cryptocurrency field, stated in his blog on November 27 that Artificial Intelligence is “fundamentally different” from other new inventions such as social media, birth control, airplanes, weapons, wheels, and the printing press. In addition, he highlighted that Artificial Intelligence could create a new kind of “mind” that might go against human interests.

“Artificial intelligence quickly weakens and has the potential to surpass human mentality and become the new top species on the planet.” He says.

Buterin argued that advanced AI could become a potential end for humanity if it starts to perceive humans as a threat to its survival, different from climate change, a human-made pandemic, or a nuclear war. He also suggested that it could start a survival struggle among humans.

“The wrong direction of Artificial Intelligence could be the worst possible way for the world to get worse; it could literally lead to the extinction of the human race,” he spoke.

Vitalik Buterin: “Even Mars may not be safe,” he stated. He also said that in a poll conducted in August 2022, more than 4,270 machine-learning experts assessed the possibility of artificial intelligence wiping out humanity as 5–10%.

However, while stating that such claims are “excessive,” he also pointed out that humans have various ways to overcome them.

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