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Whale Makes $10M Purchase on Binance, Chooses 4 Altcoins

Bitcoin Whale

The approval of Ether spot ETFs by the SEC has also directed the crypto money industry towards Ethereum ecosystem tokens. A whale made a massive $10 million purchase on Binance this morning, and it is seen that the investor prefers the altcoins that have attracted attention in recent times.

While the first half of 2024 went down in history as a historical period for cryptocurrencies with the approval of Bitcoin spot ETF and then Ether spot ETFs by the SEC, the latest developments have also increased investor interest in Ethereum ecosystem tokens.

In particular, after the Ether ETF approval, cryptocurrency investors are investing in the decentralized finance area of the Ethereum ecosystem.

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A whale account made purchases from Binance this morning with a high amount of $10 million. According to Lookonchain, the whale; ETH, LDO, PENDLE and SHIB. It did not go unnoticed that all of these tokens belong to the Ethereum ecosystem and that PENDLE and LDO are also DeFi area tokens.

The whale’s purchases are as follows;

500 ETH worth $1.9 million

2.43 million LDO worth $5.6 million

58 billion SHIB worth $1.62 million

103 thousand PENDLE worth $637 thousand

In the past few days, some large whale accounts have also made million-dollar purchases and have purchased well-known and large tokens of the Ethereum ecosystem such as AAVE, UNI, LDO, ENS, LINK.

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