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What is Hamster Combat? The Way to Earn Money While Having Fun!


In the past few weeks, one of the frequently discussed topics in the cryptocurrency world has been Hamster Combat. So, what is Hamster Combat, how is it played, and what is its roadmap? We have compiled all the details for you in our news.

What is Hamster Combat?

Hamster Combat is a viral play-to-earn (P2E) game within the Telegram application. Users can earn tokens by playing this game, which can be converted into crypto assets with real-world value in the future. It has a significant following with over 20 million subscribers on its Telegram channel and 10 million YouTube followers.

How to Play?

You can start playing easily by completing the following 3 steps:

  1. Access the game’s Telegram bot by clicking on our Registration Link.
  2. Press the blue “Play” button at the bottom left and wait for the settings on the screen to complete.
  3. Start progressing immediately with the 5,000 in-game currency you will earn through our Registration Link.

[Click to Start Playing Immediately with Our Registration Link]

Methods to Increase Your Earnings

  • Invitations: Earn extra money by inviting your friends to the game.
  • Tasks: Earn extra money by completing tasks in the game.
  • Upgrades: Increase your hourly earnings by upgrading cards.

Project Roadmap

June 2024:

  • Development of On-Chain Infrastructure
  • Integration of In-Game Wallet
  • Web3 Pre-Listing Task

July 2024:

  • Token Generation
  • Launch of In-Game Token Usage

Q3 2024:

  • Squad Combat
  • Timed Events
  • Characters and Skins
  • Live Events
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When is the Airdrop Coming?

Although there is no definite information yet, user expectations point to the third quarter.

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