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What Is Linea Bridge ?

what is linea bridge?

Linea bridge is a component of the blockchain network. Linea network is like any other rollup network, is designed to provide its own experience while reporting back to another network (typically the Ethereum Mainnet) on all activity that occurs on it (at the transaction level); this means that the “Layer 1” network is tracking all activity on the “Layer 2” network. L2’s are considered to ‘inherit the security of the L1’ in this way. 

One of the primary reasons for using a rollup network is to make it completely compatible with the L1, and one of the primary requirements for making networks interoperable is to allow individuals to transport data back and forth between them. Instruments called bridges serve this purpose. 

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 The Linea Bridge Ecosystem

The Canonical Message Bridge

The main “bridge”, on a technical level, in Linea is the Canonical Token Bridge. These smart contracts manage token transfers between layers by accepting requests and sending messages to initiate the transfer process.

⋅ The Postfrens

Programs, acting as “postmen,” deliver the message to the other network. The receiving smart contract executes actions based on the received message.

The Canonical Token Bridge

If you want to move tokens between L1 and L2, we recommend you use the bridge made on top of the Canonical Message Bridge.

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Bridging ETH from Ethereum to Linea

The fastest and zero-cost way to use the “” bridge.

what is linea bridge

Make a deposit from any network you want.

And withdraw to the Linea Network.

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