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What is Notcoin?


Over the last few weeks, one of the most popular topics in the cryptocurrency world has been Notcoin. After Notcoin was listed on more than one cryptocurrency exchange, users’ attention turned to Notcoin. This simple tap-to-win game is a hit with the promise of prizes of real-world value. However, there are some question marks about the future of Notcoin. So what is Notcoin? How does Notcoin work? Details are in our news.

What is Notcoin?

Notcoin is a viral tap-to-win game available within the Telegram messaging app. Users can earn tokens that will eventually be converted into crypto tokens with real-world value.

What is Open Network?

The Open Network (TON) is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem. In addition to hosting the Notcoin game, the TON blockchain also hosts various DeFi applications, games, NFTs, and other web3 projects.

Goals of Notcoin:

Sasha Plotvinov, co-founder of Notcoin, describes it as an experiment in token distribution. Since many new tokens are purchased by institutional investors, many new cryptos have a hard time delivering their tokens to real community members. Notcoin hopes that its method of turning token distribution into a game will provide a more fair and direct way to obtain tokens. Since the tokens are only available to people who play in the app, Plotvinov hopes that the project can reward TON Foundation members in a fun way.

Another purpose of Notcoin is to simplify the launch of the crypto system. Plotvinov thinks that many airdrops are manipulated by crypto whales and social media influencers. The Notcoin team aims to avoid getting caught up in the pattern of marketing cycles, create elaborate closed beta systems, track investors, and deliver huge promising features. They work with the motto “What you see is what you get”. Plotvinov hopes this will prevent price manipulation and overcomplicating the launch.

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How Does Notcoin Work?

People can access Notcoin by downloading and opening the Telegram messaging app. The tap-to-win game allows you to earn tokens by performing simple tasks and tapping the token icon. Each tap results in a Notcoin being added to your account. When you touch it, your energy limit decreases. However, the energy limits are refilled when you do not touch it.

Notcoin provides players with six free boosts every day. This can maximize their tactile abilities and recharge their energy limits. Players can spend in-game coins to receive paid support. There is no way to pay for energy limit increases with real-world currency. Therefore, only Notcoin players can purchase perks. Telegram Premium users can enjoy some extra benefits such as bonus token earnings. Players who earn a lot of digital currency can enter various ranks such as Silver or Platinum.

Upcoming Airdrop NOT

Users are racing to collect the Notcoin currency because they can eventually exchange it for real-world crypto tokens. The Notcoin team said that after the current mining phase of the game ends, users will be able to exchange their in-game coins for digital currency based on the TON blockchain. The airdrop will only be open to people who participate in the Notcoin tap-to-win game and perform simple tasks. It has not yet been determined when the airdrop will take place, but it is known that the team stated that it will take place in the first two weeks of April.

Token Economy NOT

Notcoin plans to convert in-game currency into crypto tokens called NOT. Rather than converting a Notcoin into a NOT token, the project will adjust the exchange rate based on how many users mine Notcoins. The exact conversion rate has not yet been shared publicly

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Additionally, there is not much information about how the NOT token economy will impact. Notcoin is committed to providing an easy and hassle-free experience without long technical articles or over-the-top marketing campaigns. Therefore, users do not know exactly how the tokens will be distributed or what the token supply will look like. Close to 8.9 trillion notcoins have been mined to date, but since the app burns notcoins from inactive accounts, the final total NOTcoins may look slightly different.

Popularity of NOT

When Notcoin launched in early January 2024, its team didn’t do much to market it. However, Telegram users noticed the new game and started reviewing it. The closed beta and reference system reached 550,000 users. Notcoin reached a total of 6.3 million users within 10 days of its official release, driven entirely by word of mouth. As more people tried the game for themselves, addictive and fun games began to spread. The main objection for many users is to compete with each other. People They enjoyed bragging about being in the silver league or having a higher energy limit than their friends. This has been so effective that Notcoin now has a player base of over 30 million users. One-third of Telegram Premium members play Notcoin, and it has become one of the most popular TON ecosystem crypto projects since its official launch.

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