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What is Omni Network? How Can We Get OMNI Token Airdrop?

Omni Network

Omni Network is a Layer-1 blockchain that is created to combine all rollups. It targets security, speed, and impeccable functionality. Its token has not been announced yet. However, the project has released a Testnet launch. So that, it can be possible to get Omni Network token airdrop for Testnet users. 

What are the purposes of Omni Network?

As it is mentioned, Omni is a Layer-1 blockchain that connects all rollups. It targets minimum fee costs. In addition, it reached up to 100,000 active users. Besides, it permits developers to build interoperable decentralized applications with all rollups. So, Omni solves the problems of building a cross-rollup. Thus, it connects all rollups by accessing users in the ecosystem. Some of its purposes can be put in order as below:

  • Security: Omni uses the Ethereum staking mechanism in the modular blockchain. Thus, it contributes to high security.
  • Functionality: Developers work in Solidity with known tools because Omni is EVM-compatible. In addition, the project says that they are the first blockchain that reaches completely customizable functionality.
  • Speed: Validators will provide faster transactions by using Tendermint PoS consensus. Omni indicates that transactions in the blockchain take 2 seconds.

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Who are Omni Network funders?

Omni Network received 18 million dollars in investment from companies Pantera Capital, Two Sigma Ventures, Jump Crypto, and others. Besides, the project has announced its partnerships with Arbitrum, Polygon‘s zkEVM, Scroll, Linea, and Starkware.

Omni Network partnerships

How can we get an Omni Network token airdrop?

It is clear that If the new projects release their Testnet launch, they could allocate their tokens to Testnet users as an airdrop. So, doing Omni Testnet is very essential to be able to get an airdrop. Before starting we will need a Metamask wallet. The Testnet steps are as below:

  1.  Connect your wallet to Omni Network’s Galxe page. Complete tasks on the website. After that, claim your first NFT on there.
  2. Connect your wallet to Omni Network’s Galxe page. Perform any transaction on the Optimism chain. Then, claim your second NFT.
  3. Go to Testnet faucet and claim your test token by entering your wallet address.
  4. Connect your wallet to farm Omni and stake your token. After that, claim staking rewards.
  5. Complete tasks on Omni Zealy.

If you want to see more information about OMNI Network and Airdrop. Stay tuned.

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