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Market Cap:
$2.43 T
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73 / 100
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% 54.3
Market Cap:
$2.43 T

What is Polymesh (POLYX) ? Where can we buy it?

Polymesh (POLYX)

Polymesh (POLYX) is a Layer-1 blockchain developed for Real World Asset (RWA).  Also, it is open to the public. Additionally, investors and node operators could be able to view the network easily. Besides, Polymesh provides benefits such as transparency on private and permissionless networks.

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How to Work Polymesh (POLYX)? What are the properties?

Polymesh (POLYX) uses Nominated Proof of Stake (NPoS) model developed by Polkadot. Thus, the system makes transactions that include issues slower with higher costs. Furthermore, Polymesh has some properties. We can put in order them as below:

  • Privacy: Polymesh (POLYX) guarantees high security about the privacy of MERCAT (Mediated, Encrypted, Reversible, SeCure Asset Transfers).
  • Governance: There are two methods to verify and send to Governing Council. These are Polymesh Improvement Proposal (PIP) or voting with POLYX.
  • Compliance: The optional compliance properties could be performed by utilizing smart contracts.
  • Settlement: Two-way transaction verification is available for both on-chain and off-chain assets.
  • Identity: Polymesh presents a mandatory identity verification process for users. Thus, all users who participate in the network will have their own identity.
  • Staking: Verified users can join POLYX staking to get rewards because of this beneficial property.

What are Polymesh Tokenomics and Ecosystem?

POLYX is a native token of Polymesh. Additionally, the total supply is 854,385,887 POLYX and the circulating supply is 726,514,818 POLYX tokens. Besides, the purposes of usage of POLYX are as below:

  • Secure chain with staking
  • Build security tokens

Polymesh (POLYX) Tokenomics


There are exchanges, experienced gamers on the tokenization (Polymath), and big companies (RedSwan) in the ecosystem. Thus, these participants can contribute to the project with The Grants Program and The Ecosystem Development Fund. 

Team and Investors

The team of Polymesh consists of people who are talented in technology, law, and finance. Separately, most of them are experienced in Polymath (ERC-1400).

Chris Housser (Head of Strategy)
Chris Housser (Head of Strategy)





Which of the exchanges we can buy it?

POLYX token has been listed on Binance,, HTX,, CoinEx. You can buy it from these exchanges with 20% discount.

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