% 2.23
BTC Dominance:
% 0.21
Market Cap:
$2.53 T
% 1.90
Fear & Greed:
76 / 100
$ 67.882
BTC Dominance:
% 52.9
Market Cap:
$2.53 T

What is Sei Network?


Sei network is the next-generation Layer 1 blockchain. Open-source Layer-1 blockchain Sei Network was created primarily for trade. The cryptocurrency community has taken notice of Sei Network quite rapidly thanks to its excellent transaction speed. In particular, it stands out as a project with lots of testnet functionality.

Basics of Sei Network

Unparalleledly Fast

This network, launched by Twin-Turbo Consensus, states to be the quickest blockchain available. See also guarantees affordable network rates, efficiency, and speed. current applications demand current performance and scalability, according to Sei Network.

User Oriented Center

An open-source project called Sei claims to put the user first. The blockchain provides various levels of transaction packing, native pre-protection, and smooth interoperability as a result.


Security is a top priority for it. Its security is ensured by several significant organizations. The network is believed to be secure since everything is said to have been developed from the ground up.

The network is already used by several projects. These projects range in quality from good to excellent. These projects would be Axelar, Pyth, Sushi, Cargo, and Nitro.

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Supporters and Investors of Sei Network

Investors and institutions that are aware of Sei are attracted by the idea, which has the potential to generate a lot of excitement. Multicoin Capital, GSR, Flow Traders, HRT, Coinbase, Jump, Delphi Digital, Distributed Global, Stepn, Layer Zero, Yield Guild, Frax, and Sudo Swap are a few of the organizations that support and invest in this project.

Who is the founder of SEI Network?

Dan Edlebeck is the co-founder of it, a layer 1 blockchain with a built-in orderbook, enabling an entirely new echelon of DeFi products. Dan formerly launched and headed the well-known Cosmos-based projects Exidio and Sentinel.



What Is Sei TOKEN?

SEI Coin (SEI), the network’s proprietary cryptocurrency, is used for management and support. However, because distribution and currency information are still pending. We are unable to comment on the SEI Coin. The project also lacks a solid understanding of CoinMarketCap. A highly good initiative is anticipated by Sei Coin.


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