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What is Ta-da ? How does it work ?


Ta-da is a decentralized and secure micro-task data collection platform of web3. Designed to meet the customized data collection needs of companies and individuals, Ta-da ensures data security and transparency with blockchain technology.

Users provide data by completing specified tasks through web and mobile applications. Ta-da makes the data collection process traceable and rewards community members fairly. With its innovative approach in the industry, Ta-da aims to create a transformation in the field of data collection.

How Does Ta-da Work?

  1. Users: Users view and perform specific tasks through Ta-da’ s web or mobile application. Tasks can be like taking a photo at a specific location or writing a certain text.
  2. Companies: Companies can use the Ta-da platform to collect data that suits their needs. The platform allows companies to set specific criteria and requirements and assigns users accordingly.
  3. Blockchain Technology: Ta-da makes the data collection process secure using blockchain technology. This technology increases data traceability and fairly rewards the community members through TADA tokens.
  4. Rewards and Traceability: The platform makes production and verification processes traceable and fairly rewards the community members. Hence, the data collection process becomes more transparent and reliable.

In conclusion, Ta-da is a platform that makes the data collection process safer, more transparent, and more efficient. It aims to transform the data collection industry by offering a flexible solution for both users and companies.

“An effective way to reach goals is to build a web3 platform that brings together a user community that produces the data that companies need,” says the Ta-da team; Here is the summary of the general workflow proposed by Ta-da:

  1. Need: A company needs English voice recordings to train a new voice assistant. By applying to Ta-da, it posts a job containing its specific requirements and criteria and sets a budget accordingly.
  2. Processing: Ta-da divides the task into many micro-tasks and sends it to English-speaking users. A micro-task can be a simple English sentence to be read.
  3. Recording and Submitting: Users record by reading sentences through the application. They send the data they record to Ta-da.
  4. Verification: The data is sent to other users acting as auditors. They listen to the records and answer the questions.
  5. Approval: With the votes of the auditors, Ta-da verifies the correctness of the data. If the data is approved, it is sent back to the company and payment is made in TADA tokens to all participating users according to the set budget.
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This example considers the most positive scenario where the data is valid and directs to the next step to answer more detailed questions.

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