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When is the Bitcoin ETF Decision? Will BTC ETF be Approved?

Bitcoin and Crypto money investors are eagerly awaiting the decision for the Bitcoin ETF. Will the SEC ETF approve applications?

The eagerly awaited Bitcoin ETF decision is coming! The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States is focusing on the date it will make its decision for spot Bitcoin ETFs. According to Bloomberg ETF analysts Eric Balchunas and James Seyffart, the SEC is expected to announce its decision on this matter as early as January 10. The analysts rate the chances of spot Bitcoin ETF approval at 90%.

However, there is another situation for applications for the Ethereum ETF. The SEC has postponed its decision to review applications for the EHashdex Nasdaq Ethereum ETF and Grayscale Ethereum Futures ETF to May 2024, along with procedures to collect more public input. This seems to keep Ethereum investors waiting a bit longer.

What is a Bitcoin ETF? It is allows investors to easily invest in Bitcoin through a fund traded on traditional exchanges. This provides access to Bitcoin without using a crypto exchange. The price of the Bitcoin ETF increases or decreases in direct proportion to Bitcoin’s price movements, offering investors an easy opportunity to expose to Bitcoin.

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Meetings with the SEC continue on Bitcoin ETF!

The SEC has been postponing many ETF applications for some time and is holding meetings behind closed doors with investment companies, trying to reach an agreement on certain items of the applications.

Grayscale‘s spot Bitcoin ETF application was on the agenda at the last SEC meeting and was considered a significant step for the crypto world. Also, it’s seen that major companies like ARK & 21Shares, WisdomTree and BlackRock have updated their spot Bitcoin ETF applications. All these developments are seen as a positive step in terms of Bitcoin being traded in a wider market and gaining more access to traditional investors.

Ultimately, investors and the crypto community are eagerly awaiting the SEC’s ETF decision. This decision expected on January 10 could have a significant impact on the crypto market. Stay tuned, will the BTC ETF be approved, we’ll see together!

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