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Arbitrum Foundation to Enhance Arbitrum’s Presence in Japan!

Arbitrum Foundation to Enhance Arbitrum's Presence in Japan

Ethereum Layer 2  Arbitrum, owned by the company Arbitrum Foundation, has partnered with protocol studio Fracton Ventures to launch Arbitrum Japan.

The initiative aims to increase its presence in the country by promoting ecosystem development and community education programs. The Foundation and Fracton Ventures did not provide a detailed explanation about the investment and funds.

Nina Rong has talked about Arbitrum.

Arbitrum’s Head of Ecosystem Development, Rong, said: “We feel there is a huge untapped potential in Japan.” “In our collaboration with Fracton Ventures, we believe we are in a unique position to reach a new demographic of developers, innovators, and blockchain-curious consumers who have not previously benefited from the benefits of blockchain.

Fracton Ventures Partnerships Chief Siddharth Pillai said, “When the opportunity to grow Arbitrum in Japan presented itself, we felt strongly we would be the best partners to bring Arbitrum Japan’s vision to life.” “Our region is mature for innovation in the blockchain sector but has not yet been exposed to leading technology and developer tools. Now with Arbitrum Japan, they will have the opportunity to fully benefit from the power of blockchain.

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Support from Both Sides

Japan-based Fracton Ventures will leverage experts, investors, and developers in the region to develop a range of activities with support. These include business development and ecosystem building as well as education and community support.

The first partnership aims to promote the growth of the ecosystem in the Japanese market. It also supports business development collaborations between web2 and web3 companies.

Secondly, Arbitrum Japan plans to expand technical training content with AMA sessions and hackathons. In the announcement, university ambassadors and community managers will take task with activities to increase consumers’ adoption of the project.

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