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Crypto Investment Gone Wrong: HK Kidnapping Case Emerges

Crypto Kidnapping Hong Kong

Kidnapped by a crypto investor and held hostage, a father and son from Hong Kong have finally surrendered themselves to the police, highlighting a surge of violence in the city and a dispute over $1.9 million.

According to information from sources familiar with the matter, the South China Morning Post has learned that a Hong Kong businessman and his son have handed themselves over to the police because they were involved in the kidnapping of a cryptocurrency investor.

The report says that the old man, who is 70 years old and called dad, was taken into custody with his son, who is 30 years old, on suspicion of false imprisonment and assault, and it is said that both are being held at Tai Po Police Station. Although the suspects were not the actual perpetrators of the robbery event, it was found as a result of the investigation that the car used in the operation belonged to the two persons.

In the story, the businessman has reportedly put in well over HK$15 million (about $1.9 million) in cryptocurrency with the help of a woman, “an acquaintance through references.” From initial investigations, it was found that the businessman was not able to recover his money and the woman was, in most cases, not reachable, which may have contributed to the situation worsening to the point where illegal acts were taken.

An unknown person who was in possession of a stun gun apparently attacked the wife’s husband when he tried to interrupt the kidnapping. Consequently, he suffered injuries. It is reported by people who are knowledgeable about the situation that the police refused to completely eliminate the possibility that a group of “four men was paid to carry out the job.“


Another kidnapping has taken place in Hong Kong within the past thirty-two hours, and this most recent occurrence serves to focus attention on the unfolding concerns related to the growing incidence of crime. In early 2024, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) revealed that crimes related to cryptocurrencies have significantly climbed in the past three years, with a total of billions of yuan.

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